Positive Mental Training – Mp3 Individual Tracks


  • Pick the track/s you want
  • Specifically target your needs
  • A great way to sample the programme
  • Find a positive vision
  • Feel Calmer
  • Be emotionally balanced                               
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Individual Tracks from the Positive Mental Training programme

Get individual mp3 tracks that target specifically what you want. You can choose from relaxation tracks to help you let go of muscular tensions (Muscular Relaxation 1 & 2) , visualisations of a place of calm (Mental Relaxation 1 & 2) or the later tracks that build confidence and future positive vision.   Each audio track lasts 18 minutes, and is ideally listened to at least 5 times but you can listen as often as you like. Click here for more information on each track  Watch the short video to get a better understanding of how the Positive Mental Training programme and its tracks can help you.

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Complete Programme, Track 1 Muscular Relaxation 1, Track 2 Muscular Relaxation 2, Track 3 Mental Relaxation 1, Track 4 Mental Relaxation 2, Track 5 Self Confidence, Track 6 Problem Solving, Track 7 Mind/body Programming, Track 8 Trigger the Future, Track 9 Distance and Meaning, Track 10 Love Yourself, Track 11 Creative Thinking, Track 12 Vision for the Future


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