Positive Mental Training applies sports psychology for everyday relaxation & wellbeing. Listening can help you find a moment of calm to improve your mental/ physical health & happiness. Good feelings make your mind function better, help you bounce back from setbacks and overcome the challenges in your life. This is resilience, and repetitive listening builds resilience & wellbeing.

About Positive Mental Training

12 tracks make up the Positive Mental Training programme. Originally developed from a series of mental coaching recordings for Olympic athletes, who need to be very resilient, this programme can help you develop and increase your own resilience. We all need resilience, particularly when life seems tough and full of challenges, if we can find good feelings this can help us sort things out. By following the Positive Mental Training programme you can develop the skills to build positive feelings, self-esteem and self-confidence. Before you start listening to the audio tracks we recommend that you watch the 8 minute video on Positive Mental Training , once . This is to give you an understanding of how the programme works to help you get the most out of listening.

Positive Mental Training explained

The programme

Positive Mental Training starts by guiding you into mindful relaxation of your body through muscular relaxation and breathing (tracks 1 & 2). We know the body influences the mind, and a balanced mind and body create the right conditions for healing and psychological growth. In this state of balance we can see things differently, more positively, increase our positive feelings about ourselves, be kinder to ourselves and recognize our strengths and abilities. Later tracks focus on building key strengths and skills.

Although there are 12 tracks many people feel much better after 1 or 2 weeks, many report sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and less stressed. In a study recently carried out, mental health improved significantly after 4 weeks and remained better at 6 months. It is a good idea to listen to all 12 tracks as this will help the good feelings to stay.

Positive Mental Training has been used within the NHS since 2006, to help patients recover from stress and depression through building their mental wellbeing, confidence and better coping ability. Equally many healthcare staff, e.g. doctors and nurses, also use it for their own benefit. Research suggests that Positive Mental Training is effective for treating depression and also helps recovery from burnout and improves quality of life. To see all the research on this click here

How to use Positive Mental Training

The tracks have been designed to be listened to in sequence, moving stepwise through the recordings. This is particularly important for the first 4 tracks which lay the foundation for the rest of the programme. To get the most from the programme we think it’s best to listen to each track a minimum of 5 times (once a day, over 5 days) before moving onto the next one. The more you listen the deeper it sinks in.

It can help to make a routine by listening at the same time everyday – maybe last thing at night or after work. You can listen more than once a day. Many people fall asleep when they listen but find that they wake up at the end of the track, if you want to continue sleeping your mind can ignore the wake up message. While we recommend that the tracks are listened to in sequence, there is no harm in listening to one out of sequence or even listening to 2 or 3 together.

As you listen you can either follow the instructions on the track or you can allow your mind to drift. Either way is fine.

The background guitar music is ‘In The Dorian Mode’ by Johan Onvlee.


Warning As all these recordings involve relaxation,

do not listen to any of these tracks if you need to be alert, such as when driving or operating machinery. If you have a serious mental disorder such as schizophrenia, or bipolar depression please consult your doctor before using this app.