Positive Mental Training

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Sleep better and worry less
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Positive Mental Training is a complete audio course for building resilience and recovery from stress & depression. These tracks were inspired by Lars Eric Unstahl who developed the programme of Integrated Mental Training in Sweden. The programme is used by doctors and nurses in the NHS and has been given to over 70,000 people across the UK. Please follow this link for more information on the science and research behind the programme.

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Each track is 18 minutes long and covers a specific area of recovery. Follow the tracks in sequence or dip in and out as you need. Available as individual tracks or the complete programme.

Track 1
Develops body relaxation and calm breathing.
Muscle Relaxation 1 – Guided Body Relaxation – The first track in the 12 track Positive Mental Training programme teaches deep muscular relaxation and calm breathing practice. Relaxing the body is the foundation of calming the mind.
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Track 2
Takes you deeper into relaxation.
Muscle Relaxation 2 – Mindful Body Scan – Track two takes you deeper into relaxation, building on the techniques in track one. Developing a quicker route to relaxation will put these techniques More readily at your disposal.
Track 3
Uses visualisation for your inner mental room.
Mental relaxation 1 – This track introduces and develops your inner mental room. By establishing a safe place to relax, you can achieve deeper relaxation of the mind and the body. You can also use this imagery as a shortcut to relaxation.
Track 4
Develops ways to access a deep state of calm.
Mental Relaxation 2 – By this stage you are well on your way to having mastered the ability to feel calm whenever and wherever you want. As you become More mindful, other ways to access a deep state of mental calm will emerge. You’ve made it a third of the way through the programme – well done, keep going. The tracks that follow each have a specific focus to develop your feelings of positivity, confidence and self-esteem.
Track 5
Builds self-confidence and self-belief.
Self Confidence – Build your emotional resilience with this track, through developing inner self confidence and self-belief. Feeling More confident comes from seeing yourself More positively, recognizing your own ability to do things well and practising applying these skills to the future.
Track 6
Gives the chance to safely review situations.
Problem Solving – Give youself the opportunity to safely & calmly review challenging situations in the past or future with this track. This can help you learn to overcome negative feelings from the past and feel More capable for the future.
Track 7
Strengthens the mind/body link.
Mind / Body Programming – Practice strengthening the link between your mind and your body with this arm exercise. This can be helpful if you need to improve your physical functioning in any way.
Track 8
Finds past positive memories for the present.
Trigger the Future – Find positive memories and feelings in your past and practise bringing these into the present and future. This can bring about increased happiness in your life.
Track 9
Helps you develop new perspectives and meanings.
Distance & Meaning – See new perspectives & meanings in your life with this uplifting track. This can help your goal plans for the future.
Track 10
Builds your sense of self-worth and self-esteem.
Increase your Self Esteem – Build your sense of self-worth and personal self-appreciation with this track. When we are able to really accept ourselves, we can feel More relaxed and positive about ourselves and also in turn feel More positive about others too.
Track 11
Increases the ability to be creative.
Creative Thinking – Increase your ability to be creative by listening to this track. Creative thinking helps us find the solutions to life’s challenges.
Track 12
Helps you build a better performance.
Vision for the Future – Build your ability to perform better in any circumstances you choose- at work, socialising, playing sport, or in any situation you feel you would like to improve. Visual rehearsal is a technique often used by atheletes. Mental preparation in this way readies the mind and body to achieve the ideal performance state, without effort.
At last, after years of not sleeping, I can sleep soundly all night and wake up feeling refreshed!!!

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