Take a break for your mind and body

Try out our free audio course giving you 25 minutes of mental relaxation

Our free audio course comprises of three important sessions which give you a taste of our complete Positive Mental Training course.
Step back from negative thoughts with Mindfulness (3 mins)
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Give yourself time to unwind with Relaxation (11 mins)
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See things in a more positive light with the Confidence boost (11 mins)
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We start with a short track to bring you into the present moment and increase your awareness of being mindful.  Then follows a longer track which can help to take you to a place of greater comfort and ease through releasing body tensions and finding mind-body relaxation.  We end the free course with an eleven minute session to lift your spirits increase your self-esteem and realise a more positive future.

If you find this short course helpful then please try our full twelve-week programme.

Its been a real eye-opener.  I can see things in a different way now, I know I’m not to blame anymore – thank you.